Unicorn Validation

Unicorn runs an initial validation on the submitted input files to ensure that it can collect the relevant information needed to initiate the payment requests and report on them.

Additional validations will be executed by CRB's Payment System before processing the transactions.

In both cases, if a validation error is found or we cannot process the request for any other reason, a report will be generated and returned to you describing what is wrong with the input file so that you can re-submit it.

The following are some validation considerations:

  • The file must contain valid XML only.
  • The XML must follow the ISO 20022 PAIN.001.001.03 or PAIN.008.001.02 format.
  • The sum of the transaction amounts in the file must not exceed the File Level Limit configured in Unicorn per client's agreement with CRB.
  • You can only use the rails that have been agreed upon with CRB and set up in Unicorn. At any point, you can request to update the rails you are using.
  • The number of transactions in the file must equal the Control number of transactions specified in the file's Group Header. Each batch’s Payment Information NbOfTxs field must equal the number of transactions it contains (see Preparing Your Transaction XML File.
  • The sum of the transaction amounts must equal the Control amount specified in the Group Header or Payment Information CtrlSum field (see Preparing Your Transaction XML File .
  • The payment ID (PmtId) is validated so doubles are not sent - if a duplicate payment ID is found, the instruction will be ignored.
  • The account number used must be registered with Unicorn.
  • The Requested Execution Date must not be in the future.
  • The Creditor and Debtor account currency must be in USD.

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