Sending and Receiving Files

Unicorn uses SFTP to enable customers to upload their payment instruction files and receive the reports. Each customer will receive a unique SFTP location for upload and download.

To access the Unicorn SFTP:

  1. Open an SFTP connection to
  2. Open port 22.
  3. Enter the user name and password CRB assigned to your organization, or provide us with your public SSH key (SSH Key for authentication and PGP for further encryption are supported).

You should now be able to access your folder where you can upload your files to CRB and view the files sent to you by CRB.

Upload your files to CRB

See here for how to prepare your files.

View the files sent to you by CRB

See here for an explanation of the files created by Unicorn.

You can reach out to Unicorn support for any questions.

File Processing

Unicorn checks for new input files every 30 minutes. Acknowledgment files containing initial processing information are normally available within minutes.

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