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Understanding Unicorn

Unicorn, from Cross River Bank (CRB), provides you with a channel to send all your payment instructions in one single file format (XML).

The Unicorn system processes input files from you, records financial movements, and sends Payment Status Reports (PSRs) as output files to update you about payment processing, rejections, and returns. The input files must conform to the ISO 20022 PAIN.001.001.03 and PAIN.008.001.02 standards, and the PSRs conform to the ISO 20022 PAIN002.001.03 standard.

Unicorn supports these payment methods (a.k.a. rails):

The rails that you use for payment processing depend on your agreement with CRB. Setup of your rails is performed with the client support team during your onboarding process.

In this guide we'll explain how to create the files correctly and how to send them to CRB. We've included examples of input files and PSRs, together with explanations of their blocks and elements. We've also included return statuses and error codes so you can understand what's happening with your files.

Note: You can find detailed information about the ISO 20022 message definitions on the ISO site here.

You can reach out to Unicorn support for any questions.

Acknowledgment files containing initial processing information are normally available within minutes.

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Understanding Unicorn

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