The iframe is a simple interface that you can add to your website to capture debit card details from your payees. An iframe is a "frame within a frame" and when you enable it on your website, card details are instantly added to your system. Adding an iframe allows the payee to sign up their card to your website, by themselves, without any time consuming coding on your side.

Every time an iframe session is enabled, a one time code is assigned to that session and connects to the payee's card. The iframe is seamless and with some preliminary configuration, you can integrate it into the look and feel of your website.

Click here for API reference details.

How it works

Merchant hosts iframe on their website.

  1. Payee enters card information (into the iframe).
  2. Card token is generated.
  3. Card token sent by webhook to the merchant.

Click here for more information on webhooks.

Adding URLs to the allowlist

The top level domain for the referrer-URL has to be added to the CRB allowlist as part of your onboarding process or it will fail and this error shows: isSuccessfull: false

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