Card Registration

Use the card token to call APIs

Cross River takes precautions to secure debit card numbers. After signing-up the card in P2C, the card token provided in the response is how you should identify the debit card in your API calls. The card token is the identifier you will use between your system and Cross River.

Below are the endpoints available for cards. Use these APIs to post new cards, follow card activity, and activate and deactivate cards.

POST /api/CardThis call signs up a new card. A token is returned and it can be used for subsequent requests such as transactions, deactivating cards, and reporting.
GET /api/CardThis call returns card information. You can add query parameters to narrow down the search results.
GET /api/Card/{cardToken}This call allows you to search for a card by calling the card token.
PUT /api/CardThis call activates and deactivates cards, such as a lost/stolen card or a card with suspicious activity.