Batch transactions

Use these APIs to send a large amount of transactions in one request. This is useful for companies that handle requests in large spikes. The batch can receive a request with 100,000 transactions at a time.

Use batch processing to process multiple transactions at a time. After you send a list of transactions to be processed, the response for the transactions is identified with just one batch identifier.

Confirming the status of the request
To confirm the status of a batch request, you can query for the status. Additionally, a webhook is sent reporting the status.

Click here to view P2C webhooks.

Object: Transaction

Below are the endpoints available for batch transactions.



POST /api/transaction

Send a batch transaction.

GET /api/transaction

Get batch transaction count status.

GET /api/transaction/{batchId}/{transactionsBatchedStatus}

Get transaction batch details by using the batch ID and the transaction status.

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