Batch transactions

Use the card token to call APIs

Cross River takes precautions to secure debit card numbers. After signing-up the card in P2C, the card token provided in the response is how you should identify the debit card in your API calls. The card token is the identifier you will use between your system and Cross River.

Use these APIs to send a large amount of transactions in one request. This is useful for companies that handle requests in large spikes. The batch can receive a request with 100,000 transactions at a time.

Use batch processing to process multiple transactions at a time. After you send a list of transactions to be processed, the response for the transactions is identified with just one batch identifier.

Confirming the status of the request
To confirm the status of a batch request, you can query for the status. Additionally, a webhook is sent reporting the status.

Click here to view P2C webhooks.

Object: Transaction

Below are the endpoints available for batch transactions.

POST /api/transactionSend a batch transaction.
GET /api/transactionGet batch transaction count status.
GET /api/transaction/{batchId}/{transactionsBatchedStatus}Get transaction batch details by using the batch ID and the transaction status.