Which code should I use?

Your operations support team will guide with this based on the use case you are trying to support.


InboundPayment we received from another bank
OutboundPayment we are sending to another bank

Payment Types

TransferA new payment originating from either Cross River or another bank. Most payments are of this type.
DrawdownA drawdown request
DrawdownResponseA response to a drawdown request
ServiceMessageA non-value message sent from one bank to another. For informational purposes only.
ReversalA reversal of a previously sent wire payment

Payment Status

CreatedWe have received the payment, but have not started processing it yet. This status should only appear briefly under normal circumstances.
PendingThe payment is waiting to be batched and sent to the Federal Reserve.
HoldPayment is being held at the moment and reviewed by our operations team.
BatchedThe payment has been batched is a final review is being done before we send it out in a file to the Federal Reserve.
ProcessingFor inbound payments, we are attempting to post the payment to the receiving account. For outbound payments, the payment has been sent to the Federal Reserve, but has not posted yet. An outbound standard payment may remain in this status for a day or more.
CompletedThe payment has been posted and accepted by the Federal Reserve (in the case of outbound payments). This is a final status.
CanceledAn outbound payment has be canceled at the request of the partner. A payment may only be canceled while either pending or on hold. This is a final status.
RejectedOur operations team was unable to process the payment and has rejected it. In the case of inbound, the payment has been returned to the originating bank. This is a final status.

Business Function Codes

CTRCustomer Transfer
SVCService Message (non-value)

ID Codes

BSWIFT Bank Identifier Code (BIC)
CCHIPS Participant
DDemand Deposit Account (DDA) Number
FFed Routing Number
TSWIFT BIC or Bank Entity Identifier (BEI) and account number
UCHIPS Identifier
1Passport Number
2Tax Identification Number
3Driver’s License Number
4Alien Registration Number
5Corporate Identification
9Other Identification

Type Codes

10Funds Transfer - A funds transfer in which the sender and/or receiver may be a bank or a third party (i.e., customer of a bank).
15Foreign Transfer - A funds transfer to or from a foreign central bank or government or international organization with an account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
16Settlement Transfer - A funds transfer between Fedwire Funds Service participants.

Sub Type Codes

00Basic Funds Transfer
01Request for Reversal
02Reversal of Transfer
07Request for Reversal of a Prior Day Transfer
08Reversal of a Prior Day Transfer
31Request for Credit (Drawdown)
32Funds Transfer Honoring a Request for Credit (Drawdown)
33Refusal to Honor a Request for Credit (Drawdown)
90Service Message

Error Codes

1000General exception
1001Config required
2000General exception
2001Payment not found
2002Invalid payment status
2003Direction not inbound
2004Direction not outbound
2005Posting account cannot be changed as posting completed
2006Acknowledgment required
2007Originator account not found
2008Origination not enabled for account
2009Custom originator data not allowed for account
2010Origination not allowed from a restricted account
2011Receiver routing number not found
2012Source wire not found
2013Source wire message unavailable
2014Service messages cannot be reversed
2015Payment type cannot be reversed
2016Payment must be completed before it can be reversed
2017Only inbound payments can be reversed
2018Invalid source business function code
2019Payment must be completed before it can be responded to
2020Only inbound payments can be responded to
2021Original wire not found
2022Beneficiary account not found
2023Account not found
2024Posting already completed
2025Posting must be failed to attempt a retry
2200Invalid submission status
2201Submission must be pending
2202Submission must be processing
2203Submission must be created
2300Distribution must be pending
2301Distribution must be verified
2302Distribution must be released
2303Distribution must be generating
2304Distribution must not be released
2305Distribution already canceled
2306No payments to distribute
2307Distribution currently generating
2308Distribution must be transmitted
2309Distribution must be transmitted but not acknowledged
2400Hold is not active
2401Hold is not evaluating
2500Scan already pending
2501No scan lists are configured for account
2502Payment type must be a transfer
2503Payment must be on hold to request a rescan
2550Invalid posting record status
2600This action requires dual control
2601Accounts must be unique
2602Inbound Suspense Account not found
2603Outbound Suspense Account not found
2604Operator Account not found
2605Unposted Account not found
2606Change not approved
2607Change not approved
2608Global profile not found or is invalid
3000General exception
3001Origination payment amount exceeds user permissions
3002Clearing hold exceeds user permissions for payment amount
3003Clearing hold exceeds user permissions for payment amount
3004User not authorized to reject inbound wires
3005Distribution max wire amount exceeds user permissions