An origination is a wire payment sent from one bank to another bank. Most payments are of this type. The information required for a payment varies depending on whether it is domestic or international.

Domestic Wires

Domestic wire payments require far less information. For example, to wire $100 from a COS account to an account at another bank, would be as simple as:

POST /wires/v1/payments
  "accountNumber": "20020020022",
  "receiverRoutingNumber": "021000021",
  "businessFunctionCode": "CTR",
  "beneficiary": {
    "idCode": "D",
    "identifier": "77777777701",
    "name": "Bob Smith",
    "address1": "123 Maple Lane",
    "address2": "Suite 123",
    "address3": "New York, NY 10025",
  "beneficiaryReference": "INV# 123",
  "originatorToBeneficiary1": "THANK",
  "originatorToBeneficiary2": "YOU",
  "originatorToBeneficiary3": "PAID",
  "originatorToBeneficiary4": "IN FULL",
  "amount": 10000,
  "purpose": "Invoice Payment"

Note: If you wish to obtain information on an outgoing wire request, you can call the GET /wires/v1/payments/{id} endpoint.