Why is my webhook status "Suspended"?
This status means that we were not able to successfully deliver an event to one of your registrations. See https://docs.crbcos.com/cos-api/docs/webhook-events#handling-failure

What is the retention period of webhooks?
Currently there is no limitation to the retention period.

What are the different registration methods?
The available webhook registration methods are detailed in https://docs.crbcos.com/docs/webhook-registrations

What webhook events are available?
All available webhook events are detailed in https://docs.crbcos.com/docs/webhook-reference

What is the maximum number of resources included in a single webhook event?
50k for events received in basic format, and 1k for events in extended format. See https://docs.crbcos.com/cos-api/docs/webhook-registrations#extended-format for additional details.

How are webhook failures handled?
See https://docs.crbcos.com/cos-api/docs/webhook-events#handling-failure. After a delivery failure, COS will retry 3 additional times after approximately 30 - 60 seconds before your registration updates to a suspended status.