Webhook events notify you when something interesting happens within COS. These notifications eliminate the need to poll the API to discover changes to account records or receive updates on payments.

The first step to receiving webhook events is to register each specific event type you wish to subscribe to.

Once your registrations are setup, event objects will be send to the URLs you've registered. An event object contains a list of resource identifiers, which can be used to download further detail on the subject of each event.

See API reference for more details.

Note: For ACH payments, it is possible to receive webhook event messages on payments you didn’t initiate. A few ways this could happen are:

  • Ops team originates an outbound payment on your behalf
  • Inbound returns (another bank returned the outbound payment)
  • Inbound originations (another bank sent you money)

For more details on ACH, see ACH API.