All COS API endpoints contain a numbered version in the URL. Whenever breaking changes are made to the API, a new major version will be created.

We consider breaking changes to be any of the following and warrant a new major version:

Breaking Change Example

Adding new required fields to request

Changes to the response format

Data type changes

Modifying an endpoint URL

Removing endpoints

The following are NOT considered to be a breaking change and would be released as part of a minor version:

Non-breaking Change Example

Adding new endpoints

Adding new optional fields to request

Adding new fields to response

Adding new values to fields (e.g. a new status value)

Bug fixes


Deprecated Versions

Whenever we release a new major version, we will continue to support the previous version for a period of at least 6 months before it is deprecated. We strive to communicate changes such as this well in advance with our partners to avoid any disruption in service.

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