InboundPayment received from another bank
OutboundPayment sent to another bank

Payment Status

CreatedThe initial status of inbound and outbound payments.
PendingOutbound - payment is being validated prior to submission to the RTP network.

Inbound - payment has been received transaction is being authorized.
ProcessingOutbound - payment has been submitted to the RTP Network.

Inbound - payment has been authorized and is waiting confirmation from the RTP Network that transaction has processed successfully.
Completed*Outbound- Payment was accepted/received by the receiving institution

Inbound- Payment has been accepted/received.

For credit transfers, completed also means the payment has posted successfully.
Rejected*Inbound - payment was automatically or manually rejected in COS
Outbound - the receiving institution or the RTP Network rejected the payment.
Outbound - the RTP payment originates from an account with insufficient funds.

Reason Code for the rejection can be found in Result.Code on the payment.
Canceled*An outbound payment initiated by an internal user and canceled while in a hold status. A payment may only be canceled while either in a Hold or ResearchRequired status.
HoldThe payment is currently on hold and being reviewed by the Operations team
TimedOut*A payment was not acknowledged within the SLA with The Clearing House
Failed*The payment has failed due to technical reasons
FinalizingPayment is in process of posting to an account in COS.
ResearchRequiredResponse to an outbound payment was not received and manual review of the payment is required to determine if the payment should be canceled or completed.

*Indicates the status is the final status for a payment

Payment Types

CreditTransferPayment sent by a Debtor FI to a Creditor FI.
ReturnRequestThe originator of the original payment is requesting the funds be returned. This is a non-monetary transaction.

Sending a Return Request is not currently supported.
ReturnResponseResponse to a Return of Funds request. This is a non-monetary transaction. The actual money movement to return funds would be done in another payment as a credit transfer.

This is a non-monetary transaction.
SystemTimeoutNotification to the Creditor FI that a Credit Transfer has timed-out

This is a non-monetary transaction.
RemittanceAdvice*The ability for the Debtor to send stand alone remittance information to the Creditor and
the ability for the Creditor to send detailed invoice information to the Debtor (B2B or B2C).

This is a non-monetary transaction.
RequestForInformation*Used to request additional details related to a Credit Transfer or a Request for Payment that has been received.

This is a non-monetary transaction.
PaymentAck*A Creditor (end-user) may use a Payment Acknowledgement to acknowledge a Credit Transfer has been received and applied

A Creditor FI must use a Payment Acknowledgement to confirm the funds associated with a Credit Transfer previously accepted without posting (ACWP transaction status), has posted to the Creditor’s account.

This is a non-monetary transaction.
RequestForPayment*Requests the initiation of a Credit Transfer from the party receiving the request.

This is a non-monetary transaction.
RequestForPaymentResponse*Used to provide a business response to a Request for Payment.

This is a non-monetary transaction.
RequestForInformationResponse*Used by the sender to provide the requested additional information in the form of an amendment to the original Request for Payment or Credit Transfer.

This is a non-monetary transaction.
UnknownPayment type was not recognized

*Indicates the payment type is not currently supported

Return Response Reject Codes

AC04Closed Account Number
AM04Insufficient Funds
ARDTAlready Returned
CUSTCustomer Decision
LEGLLegal Decision
NOASNo Answer From Customer
NOORNo Original Transaction Received

Reason Codes

Reason Codes provide the reason a message did not complete and can be found on the payment Result.Code. The Result.Code will be OK if the payment was successfully sent/received.

650Cannot parse the message
690Signature mismatch or verification error
AC02Debtor account Is Invalid
AC03Creditor account Is Invalid
AC04Account closed
AC06Account is blocked
AC07Creditor account closed
AC10Debtor account currency is invalid or missing
AC11Creditor account currency is invalid or missing
AC13Debtor account type missing or invalid
AC14Creditor account type missing or invalid
AG01Transaction is forbidden on this type of account
AG03Transaction type is not supported/authorized on this account
AGNTIncorrect Agent
AM02Specific transaction/message amount is greater than allowed maximum
AM04Amount of funds available to cover specified message amount is insufficient
AM09Amount received is not the amount agreed or expected
AM11Transaction currency is invalid or missing
AM12Amount is invalid or missing
AM13Transaction amount exceeds limits set by clearing system
AM14Transaction Amount exceeds limits agreed between bank and client
BE04Specification of creditor's address, which is required for payment, is missing / not correct
BE06End customer specified is not known at associated Sort/National Bank Code or no longer exist in the books
BE07Specification of debtor's address, which is required for payment, is missing / not correct
BE10Debtor country code is missing or invalid
BE11Creditor country code is missing or invalid
BE13Country code of debtor’s residence is missing or Invalid
BE14Country code of creditor's residence is missing or Invalid
BE16Debtor identification code missing or invalid
BE17Creditor identification code missing or invalid
DS24Waiting time expired due to incomplete order
DT04Future date is not supported
DUPLPayment is a duplicate of another payment
DS0HSigner is not allowed to sign for this account
FF02Syntax error reason is provided as narrative information in the additional reason information
FF03Invalid Payment Type Information
FF08End to End Id is missing or invalid
MD07End customer is deceased
NARRReason is provided as narrative information in the additional reason information
RC01Bank identifier code specified in the message has an incorrect format
RC02Bank Identified is invalid or missing
RC03Debtor FI identifier is invalid or missing
RC04Creditor FI identifier is invalid or missing
TM01Invalid Cut Off Time
TK01Invalid Token
TK02Sender Token Not Found
TK03Receiver Token Not Found
TK04Token Expired
TK05Token Found with Counterparty Mismatch
TK06Token Found with Value Limit Rule Violation
TK07Single Use Token Already Used
TK08Token Suspended
NOATReceiving Customer Account does not support/accept this message type
1100Any Other Reasons Reason is provided as narrativein the additional information
9909Central Switch (RTP) system malfunction
9910Instructed Agent signed-off
9912Recipient connection is not available
9934Instructing Agent signed-off
9946Instructing Agent suspended
9947Instructed Agent suspended
9948Central Switch (RTP) service is suspended


TransactionAccountContext is used internally for additional detail for the state of a payment within a status. PaymentStatus should be used for determining the status of a payment.

NotSubmittedPayment has not been been sent to the RTP Network
PendingPayment is in a pending state
ProcessingPayment is processing
CompletePayment has completed
ReversalTransaction is being reversed
MemoPostAttempting to set a Memo Post
TimedOutAction has timed-out
CanceledAction has been canceled
RejectedPayment has been rejected
AuthOnlyAuthorizing a transaction
NotSetNot Set


Status of the payment, as set by the receiving institution. This applies to Credit Transfers and Requests for Payment.

ACTCPayment has been accepted
RJCTPayment or Payment Related Message has been rejected
RCVDPayment Related Message has been received by the receiving institution
ACWPPayment instruction included in the Credit Transfer is Accepted without being posted to the Creditor Customer’s account.


SDVA - Only code accepted by RTP, means Payment must be executed with same day value to the creditor (for RTP this will be done in seconds)


Identifies the origination condition of the instruction to allow the instructed agent to properly process the transaction

INTERMEDIARYPayment sent through a Payment Service Provider (domestic) – one of “Ultimate Debtor” or “Ultimate Creditor” must be present.
STANDARDStandard RTP Payment
ZELLEInstruction originated as a Zelle Payment

(Not currently supported in COS)


Identifies the Debtor/Sender as either a business or consumer customer of the Debtor FI

BUSINESSBusiness initiated
CONSUMERConsumer initiated

Return Request Status Codes

Code specified on the Return Response indicating if the funds will be returned

IPAYPayment will be refunded
RJCRCancellation request has been rejected
PECRPayment will be partially refunded

Return Request Codes

Reason Code specified when sending a Return Request

AC03Invalid Creditor Account Number - Requested by the customer due to mistake or error
AM09Wrong Amount - Amount of the Credit Transfer or Request for Payment is not correct
CUSTRequested By Customer Cancellation requested by the Debtor due to Debtor’s mistake or error
DUPLDuplicate Payment - Payment is a duplicate of another payment
FRADFraudulent Origin Debtor claims payment was unauthorized or fraudulently induced
FRTRFinal Response - Repeat attempt to prior non-response
TECHTechnical Problem Cancellation requested following technical problems resulting in an erroneous transaction
UPAYUndue Payment - Payment has been made through another payment channel (for Request for Payment expiry)
WIAMWrong Amount with Indemnity
WICTRequested By Customer with indemnity
WIDPDuplicate Payment with indemnity
WIFDFraudulent Origin with indemnity
WIFTFinal Response with indemnity
WITHTechnical Problem with indemnity

Clearing Channels

Identifies the channel that will be used to return funds when the funds are not being returned via a Credit Transfer