Reports, Statements, and Disclosures

Can I add my company's logo onto my customers' statements?
COS offers a standard statement format based on the CRB's deposit account agreement. Your logo can be affixed to the statement template if needed. Please speak with your relationship manager for more details.

When do statements become available?
Statements close after nightly settlement on the last calendar day of a given month. Statements will generate at the beginning of each month.

What data is included in the statement description and is it customizeable?
Statement descriptions are primarily static and cannot be customized. The post transactions endpoint allows for a customized description, however, you must ensure the description meets the Bank's compliance requirements. For more details please visit this page.

Will the payment information in COS also appear in the customer's external bank statement?
Financial institutions govern the statement formats of their customers. Therefore there is no guarantee that the payment or transaction description information in COS will appear on the customer's external bank statement.

Can I create my own reports via the COS Explorer portal for specific account or payment activity?
COS does not provide the ability for users to export data via the portal. However, CRB can provide daily reports via SFTP which includes all activity from the prior day. Please speak with your relationship manager for more details.