Card Category

DebitDebit card
CreditCredit card
PrepaidPrepaid card

Card Configuration Status

InactiveThe configuration profile is inactive.
ActiveThe configuration profile is active.

Card Status

UnactivatedThe card has not been activated by the cardholder.
ActiveThe card is active and ready for use.
SuspendedThe card is currently suspended.
ClosedThe card is closed.

Card Status Reason

Not SetThe card status is unavailable. This occurs when a card is replaced by i2c instead of the issuing bank.
DamagedThe card is damaged.
ExpiredThe card is expired.
Lost StolenThe card has been reported lost or stolen.
Fraud CompromisedThe card has been compromised and closed for fraud reasons.
ReturnThe card was unable to be delivered and is being returned to the issuing bank.

Fee Type

Activation Fee
Replacement Fee

Order Status

Order PendingThe order is pending fulfillment by the processor.
CompletedThe order has been fulfilled by the processor. For physical cards, the card is being printed and mailed to the cardholder.
FailedThe order failed at the processor.

Payment Instrument Type

Physical MSRPhysical card with a magnetic strip.
PhysicaI CCPhysical card with a chip.
Physical ContactlessPhysical card using RFID.
Physical ComboPhysical card with a chip that supports contactless payments.
Virtual PanVirtual card.

Phone Type

HomeHome phone number
MobileMobile or cell phone number
WorkWork phone number
FaxFax number

Processing Code

Debit Adjustment
Conversion Guarantee
Conversion Verification
Traveler Check
Cashback Purchase
Account Funding
Quasi Cash
Funds Withdrawal
Cash Disbursement
Deferred Goods
Debit Fee
Credit Return
Credit Adjustment
Check Deposit Guarantee
Check Deposit
Original Credit
Payment Transaction
Credit Disbursement
Available Funds Inquiry
Cardholder Transfer
Bill Payment
Peer to Peer Payment
Payment From Third Party
Peer to Peer Payment Credit
Loan Payment
Payment Enclosed
Prepaid Activation
Pin Unblock
Pin Change

Replacement Status

Not Applicable

Replace Reason

Lost Stolen
Fraud Compromised

Shipping Type


Transaction Message Type

Authorization Advice
Financial Advice
Reversal Request
Network Management Request

Transaction Response Code

Refer to Card Issuer
Refer to Card Issuer Special Condition
Invalid Merchant
Lost or Stolen Card
Do Not Honor
Pick-up Card, Special Condition
Honor with Identification
Approved - Partial Amount
Invalid Transaction
Invalid Amount
Invalid Card Number
Invalid Issuer
Customer Cancellation, Reversal
Issuer File Update Field Edit Error
Format Error
Bank Not Supported by Switch (Future Use)
Partial Reversal
Expired Card, Pick-up
Suspect Fraud
No Credit Account (Future Use)
Requested Function Not Supported
Lost Card Not Captured
No Universal Account
Stolen Card, Pick-up
Insufficient Funds
No Checking Account (Future Use)
No Savings Account (Future Use)
Expired Card
Invalid PIN
No Card Account
Transaction Not Mermitted to Cardholder
Transaction Not Permitted to Acquirer/Terminal
Suspected Fraud
Exceeds Withdrawal Amount Limit
Restricted Card
Decline Error in Decryption of PIN Block / Security Violation
Original Amount Incorrect, Reversal
Exceeds WIthdrawal Frequency Limit
Response Received Late
Invalid Transaction; Contact Card Issuer
PIN Change Decline
Allowed Number of PIN Tries Exceeded
Invalid/Nonexistent "To" Account Specified (Future Use)
Invalid/Nonexistent "From" Account Specified (Future Use)
Invalid/Nonexistent Account Specified General (Future Use)
Key Exchange Validation Failed
System Not Available (Future Use)
Invalid Transaction PIN Block Format Error
Time Out Issuer
Invalid Authorization LifeCycle
Approved - Account Verification
PIN Validation Not Possible or Invalid PVK/ZPK/Offset/PVV
Approved - Purchase Only
Invalid Transaction (CVC1/CVV2/CID/iCVV Format Error)
Bad CVC1/iCVV/Expiry Date
Issuer Switch Inoperative
Unable to Route Transaction
Transaction Cannot Be Completed
Duplicate Transmission
Refer to Card Issuer / System Error
Already Activated Card
Approve Transaction Super Green Path
Auth-Host Timed Out
Cryptogram Decline
Invalid Currency
Duplicate Record Found Against Name and DOB / Auth-Host Down
Bad CVV2/CID/Expiry Date
General AVS Decline
General Card Decline
General CVV2 Decline
Card is Pre-Active
Purse Found with Invalid Status
PIN Change Fail Invalid Data
Bad PIN (Invalid PIN Block Length)
Inactive Card
Account Closed
Card Technology Mismatch
Strong Customer Authentication Required
ATC Validation Failed

Error Codes

1000General exception
2000General exception
2001CustomerId was not found or not associated with Card
2002Card can not be activated
2003Card was already activated
2004Card can not be suspended
2005Card is not suspended
2006Card is already closed
2007Pin cannot be set on closed cards
2008Account relationship type is not eligible for debit cards
2009Account does not belong to customer
2010Card Order has not completed processing
2011Card is closed
2012Request has not completed
2015Primary card not found
2020Card not found
2021Processor Card Id is invalid
2022Customer already has a card for this account
2023Card Order must be complete
2024Card has not been activated
2025Card is already suspended
2026Card is already AdminBlocked
2027Card Configuration not found
2028Card Provider not found
2029Card not found at processor
2030Card order is not complete
2031Company Name can only be used on cards associated with business accounts
2032Card Replacement has not completed
2033Pin must be four digits
2034Card has already been replaced
2100Cards Not Enabled On Product
2101Card Config Not Found
2102Card Config Change Not Pending
2103Card Config Not Associated With Product
2104Card Config Not Enabled
2105ShippingType not supported by card configuratio
2106CardConfigStatus must be provided on updates
2150Change not approved
2151Product change not pending
2152Product config change approval requires dual control
2153Product config required
2200TCP Error
2301Account not found
2302Account is closed
2350Authorization already been cleared
2351Auth was not found
2352Error occurred generating referenceid
2353Transaction was not found
2354Transaction has already been reversed
2355Transaction Category is not valid
2356Transaction Type is not valid with this Category
2357Authorization was reversed
3000General exception
3001Access denied
3100Card is locked by admin