Transaction Types

PushA credit payment being sent from an originator to a receiver
PullA debit payment being taken from a receiver and given to the originator.

Error Codes

1000General exception
1001Account settings required
1025Config required
2000General exception
2001Payment not pending
2002Payment not processing
2003Sender payment not found
2004Only inbound payments can be approved
2005Receiver payment not found
2006Only outbound payments can be canceled
2007No active configuration found for account
2008Origination not allowed for sender account type
2009Origination not enabled for transaction type
2010Max payment amount exceeded
2011Custom sender name not allowed for account
2012Receiver not found
2013Origination not allowed to receiver account type
2014Transaction type not enabled for receiver
2015Sender and receiver accounts must be different
2016Only inbound payments can be rejected
2100Change not approved
2101Change not pending
2102Approval requires dual control
2103Profile identifier already exists
2125Change not approved
2126Global profile not found or is invalid
2127Change not pending
2128Approval requires dual control
2129Suspense Account not found
2150Change not approved
2151Change not pending
2152Approval requires dual control
2153Product required