Card Status

ActiveCard can be used for transactions
PendingCardIssuanceNew card has been requested
CardIssuedInitial state after a card has been created
SuspendedBlocks all transactions from occurring on the account, the card is not closed, and can be reactivated
LostCardCard has been reported lost and can no longer be used for transactions
StolenCardCard has been reported stolen and can not longer be used for transactions
ExpiredCardCard is expired
PendingAccountClosureWhen an account has been closed, the cards will change to PendingAccountClosure for a period of time to allow authorizations to complete
ClosedCan no longer be used for transactions
ClosedforFraudCan no longer be used for transactions because of fraud
DamagedCard has been reported as damaged, the card can continue to be used for transactions until the replacement card is activated
ClosedforDeceasedCardholder is deceased

Enrollment Status

OrderedCard create request has been accepted by processor
NotSubmittedCard has been accepted by processor, the information has not yet been submitted for validation
ProcessingCard information is being validated
UnderReviewCard is manually being reviewed
UnsuccessfulCard request was denied
CompletedCard has successfully been created

Replace Type

Indicates the reason for replacing the card

LostCardCard has been reported as lost
StolenCardCard has been reported as stolen
DamagedCard has been reported as damaged

Phone Type

HomeHome phone number
MobileMobile or cell phone number
WorkWork phone number
FaxFax number

Error Codes

1000General exception
1001Cards cannot be associated with passthrough subledgers accounts
1002Order Confirmation Number is required to look up an order
1003CardId is required
2001Card has previously been activated
2002Card can not be changed at this time
2003Expiration months must be greater than 0
2004Pin reset failed
2005Error updating card address
2006Error updating card profile
2007Only cards with a status of active, suspended, or cardissued can be replaced
2008Can not reset a pin on a card that is not active
2009Card not found
2010Card not found at processor
2011Error closing account at processor
2012Card is already active
2013Card can not be activated
2014Only cards with status of CardIssued can be activated using this endpoint
2015Primary card not found
2016Current card status can not be changed to requested card status
2017Card Status can not be changed to new status
2018Card status is already set to requested card status
2019Multiple EnrollmentStatusProviders were found
2020EnrollmentStatus is not handled
2021Multiple CardOrderCompletedProvider were found
2022CardOrderCompletedProvider was not found
2023Could not find a card with the information provided
2100Change not pending
2101Account not found
2102Approval requires dual control
2150Change not approved
2151Change not pending
2152Product is null
2153Product clientId is not set
2154Product subClientId is not set
2155Product CardProgramId is not set
2156Product was not found
2157Cards are not enabled for this Product
2158Approval requires dual control
2200Change not approved
2201Global config settings were found or are invalid
2202Change not pending
2203Global config clientId is not set
2204Global config CardProgramId is not set
2205Global config was not found
2206Global config accounts must be unique
2207Global Config unposted account not found
2225Authorization already been captured
2226Auth was not found
2250Expirations are not configured properly
2300Cannot parse field, destination type not configured
2400Message type not configured for packing
2500Card is already set to the requested status
2501Error occurred at card processor