Interest rate cards

Interest Rate Cards (rate cards) are pre-configured interest rate profiles assigned to accounts. Rate cards enable you to offer tiered interest rates to customers on demand. Tiered interest allows you to vary the interest rate offered to your customers based on the balance in their account. You can also have different tiered interest plans. You can offer tiered interest rates for savings accounts and general, purpose-driven accounts.

Rate cards are part of your product's core configuration. A default rate card is assigned when configuring a product even if it is the only rate card added to the product. This enforces the interest rate to any account opened for the product. Adding multiple rate cards to a product gives you the flexibility to change interest rates as required.

Because they are a part of a product core configuration, rate cards can only be configured by Cross River’s Operations team. The rate cards are configured based on your interest requirements. Once the rate card is configured, we provide you with the applicable rate card ID. It is important that you store all your rate card IDs in case you need to change a rate card on an account.



There is no endpoint or attribute that allows you to view information on the rate cards created for your products. You must store that information as well as your rate card IDs we provide.

When working with the Cross River Operations team to create your rate cards, the following information must be provided:

TierThe tier number within the rate card. This is automatically assigned when a new interest rate card is created and when multiple tiers are added.
StartThe date the tier comes into effect.
Optional field. By default, takes effect the date the rate card is created.
Rate MethodHow the interest rate is calculated.
For more information, see Tiered Savings Accounts - How Do They Work? |
Partner %The percentage of the Effective % paid by the partner.
Min BalanceThe minimum balance required for the rate tier.
EndThe date when the tier is no longer active.
Optional field. By default, no value.
Effective %The total effective interest rate provided by the tier.

Linking a Rate Card to an account

To link a rate card to an account during account creation.

  1. Create a customer (POST /v1/cm/customers)
  2. Create an account for the customer (POST /v1/dda/accounts)
  3. Define the rateCard attribute according to the rate card ID created by Cross River's Operations tea,

You can also link a rate card to an existing account.

  1. Call PUT /v1/dda/accounts/{accountNumber}/rateCard.
  2. Define the rate card in the rateCard attribute.

Tiered interest rate limitations

  • Not available for customers using savings account sweeps functionality
  • Activity-based actions (for example, make one deposit and two transactions, your rate will be x%) are not supported
  • Overall balance triggers (for example, the balance is >$10,000, pay 2% on entire balance, otherwise pay $0) are not supported