First-Time Login Instructions for Partners

The COS Explorer Portal must be accessed using Google's Chrome browser. If you click the link in the welcome email and a browser other than Chrome opens, close that browser window. Next, go to the system settings in Windows and update the web browser default app to Google Chrome. Visit this page for steps on how to change your default browser.

Welcome Email

CRB automatically sends a welcome email to new users via the email address that was configured during the user creation process. The email sender will appear as [email protected] and will contain an embedded link within the body of the email. The link will redirect you to the login page where you'll reset your password.


Logging in for the First Time


If you haven't created your password, you can do so via the link in the welcome email. Alternatively, if you did not receive the welcome email then you can follow the steps in the Reset Password section.

Once you have successfully created your new password you'll need to return to At the login page, enter your username (your email address) and your recently created password, and then select Log In. You’ll land on a page with a QR code where you will be prompted to enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA).



What is my username?

Your username for COS Explorer is your email address.

You can use any authentication app of your choice (i.e. Authy, Google Authenticator, etc.) for this enrollment process.

When you're performing the MFA enrollment process, it's important to follow the instructions on the web page as this process not only involves adding an account to your authentication app but also syncing your device with COS. After you scan the QR code, the account will appear in your authentication app. You'll need to enter the 6-digit passcode from the app into the web page and then select the continue button to complete the process.


The next page will display your recovery code which you should save in a secure location. Once saved, select the box next to "I have safely recorded this code" and then select the continue button.


A dialogue box will appear confirming that you have been verified and you'll be automatically redirected to the Transaction Search page within the Core tab.



Once you have successfully logged in, DO NOT immediately bookmark the page until you have read the next chapter on this page, which is titled "Bookmark the COS Portal".

Bookmark the COS Portal

When adding the COS portal as a bookmark in Chrome, be sure to verify that the correct COS URL was saved. In most cases, users bookmark COS during their initial login which ends up saving the authentication URL in error. Your bookmark URL should read as:

Visit this page for steps on editing bookmarks.

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Browser Error 1


If you attempt to log into COS and receive the same error illustrated above, then this means you are using the incorrect URL. Verify that you are using the correct URL before retrying ( If you had received the above error after clicking your bookmark and then logging in, then review the Bookmark the COS Portal topic earlier in this document.

Browser Error 2


If you attempt to log into COS and receive the error illustrated above, then this means you are being blocked by firewall. If you experience this issue:

  • Contact your internal technical helpdesk to determine if your organization enforces firewall rules for outbound traffic.

If they confirm there are no firewall rules for outbound traffic, then:

  • Contact your internal technical helpdesk to ensure you're connecting to CRB's COS Explorer Portal from an IP address that we have whitelisted. If you require additional IP addresses to be whitelisted, send an email request to [email protected]

Reset Password

Navigate to to access the COS Explorer Portal.


Under the password field, select Don't remember your password?


This will bring you to the password reset page. Here, enter your email address and select Send Email.

After selecting the Send Email button you’ll receive an automated email from CRB with an embedded link and instructions to change your password.