At the heart of COS sits the Core API. It manages fundamental banking functions such as customer onboarding, account management, and transaction activity.

Your first step on the journey to build a financial product in COS begins here.


Products are what drive configuration for accounts opened under them. Most of the time you will only have one product, however it is possible to have many products under your partner.

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Before an account can be opened, a customer record must be established. This is where details such as name, SSN, address and other contact information can be provided.

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Deposit Accounts

Our DDA API allows partners the ability to open and manage demand deposit accounts, such as Checking and Savings accounts. These are also referred to as Master accounts.

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Once a master account has been established, it is possible to open subledger accounts under it. These subledgers will have their own unique account number. Any transactions against these subledgers will affect the balance of both the subledger and the master account associated.

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Each time money moves between two accounts, a transaction record is created. In addition, other downstream resources are created such as account activity, memo posts and posting exceptions.

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Book Transfers

Book transfers, aka account transfers, are an easy way to move money between two COS accounts.

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Each deposit account will receive a monthly statement of activity.

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