Where can I find my Partner ID?
Your Partner ID is generally provided to you by your relationship manager, otherwise our integrations team will provide it to you when you are onboarded to one of our environments.

What is my Client ID?
Your Client ID is generally provided to you by your relationship manager via secure email, along with another separate secure email which contains your secret

What does "schedule" represent in the transaction details?
Schedule refers to when the funds of the transaction are made available in the credit account. This is tied to the Bank's Funds Availability Policy and how it complies with Reg CC.

What is executedAt and postedAt?
ExecutedAt is when the core transaction occurred. PostedAt is when the activity record (transaction record that displays in your account activity) was created.

What is the difference between passthrough and direct subledgers?
This setting determines the behavior of the ledger. If set to "Passthrough", then the subledger balance is ignored and the master account must have a sufficient balance for a transaction to post. If set to "Direct", then the subledger must have a sufficient balance for a transaction to post. This setting is defined within a product's configuration profile. See https://cosops.readme.io/docs/product-level-configuration#core for additional information.

Is it a requirement to complete the beneficiary profile for subledgers?
Completing the beneficiary profile is not a technical requirement. However, our compliance team may require this for your program. Please contact your relationship manager for further information.

How do I transfer funds between my accounts via API?
API transfers between accounts can be completed by performing a book transfer. Alternatively, this can also be accomplished by the Post Transaction endpoint.

How do I transfer to an account under a different partner resource?
Transfers to a COS account under a different partner resource requires the use of XPay. Both the sending and receiving accounts need to be configured for XPay. Additional information can be found in the Swagger docs for XPay Swagger docs as well as the XPay Originations page.

What is the maximum number of memo posts that can be included when calling POST /v1/memo-posts/bulk-removals?
You can include up to 100 memo posts per request.

When onboarding a customer, how long does it take for the customer's OFAC/PEP status to clear?
The scanning process takes a few seconds. If the scan results in a "Clear" then an account can be opened for the customer. Otherwise, the OFAC/PEP details must be reviewed by a member of CRB's AML team.

If I open an account for my customer, can they visit CRB's branch location or call CRB to transact on their account?
Any partner that opens an account for their customer must handle all interactions with their customer (account holder). CRB will not have any direct contact with your customer.

How are the "current" and "available" balances calculated? How do we know when the funds from a transaction are available in an account?
Anything that has not hard posted to an account (i.e. pending) will affect the available balance. For example, if you had $100 and you make a $10 purchase with your debit card, your current balance immediately following that would still be $100 but your available balance would be $90. The current and available balances will sync as part of the core settlement process COS executes each evening, where all transactions are finalized and the core changes over to the following business day. Please refer to your deposit account agreement for additional information regarding how your account balance is calculated.