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The Checks API enables you to do execute most common tasks associated with checks in a banking context such as depositing checks and viewing check details and images. COS works with every type of check such as money orders, on-us, certified and Federal Reserve Bank checks. See here for a full list of check types.

Checks are considered as a type of payment in COS. There are two directions - inbound and outbound, as well as two payment types - forward and return. This means:

  • A check that is deposited into a COS account is considered an outbound forward item because the check needs to be sent to the Federal Reserve and presented to the drawee bank (paying bank) for payment.
  • A check that is drawn from a COS account is considered an inbound forward item because the Federal Reserve is presenting it to CRB for payment.
  • A returned check that is being presented by the Federal Reserve is considered an inbound return.
  • A check that is returned by CRB is considered an outbound return.
Inbound ForwardInbound Forward

Inbound Forward

The image above illustrates the inbound forward process. When a check drawn from a COS account is deposited into an account at another financial institution, the Fed will send the CRB an Image Cash Letter (ICL) file in X9 format. COS extracts the data from the file and locates the drawer account to post the debit for the check payment.

Outbound ForwardOutbound Forward

Outbound Forward

The image above illustrates the outbound forward process. For deposits, checks are validated and forwarded to the Fed for processing. Funds from the deposit will be made available to the customer based on the specific availability policy assigned to the deposit. For a full list of policy types, see this page.

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