Why did my ACH payment get returned?
There are various reasons why an ACH payment was returned by an RDFI. Visit this page for details on commonly used ACH return codes.

What is an NOC?
NOC stands for Notification of Change and is an indication of corrected information related to a previous outbound ACH payment. Visit this page for details on commonly used correction codes. Partners should update their customers' banking information using the corrected information within the reasonData field of the payment details.

How long does a standard ACH take?
A standard ACH payment may take 1 to 3 business days before posting to the receiver's account.

How long does an IAT take?
Cross River can only support domestic IATs at this time. The IAT should settle on the settlement date unless the RDFI is holding the transactions for OFAC review purposes.

What SEC code should I use?
SEC codes are determined during the onboarding process and indicated within your executed agreement with the CRB. Please contact your relationship manager for additional information regarding permitted SEC codes.

If I originate an ACH payment and the receiver's account is within COS, will COS automatically convert my request into an internal transfer?
No, COS will treat this as an ACH payment which will be forwarded to the Fed.

When attempting to originate a client batch, I receive a successful synchronous response, but why are my payments automatically rejecting once they're created?
Your product may not be configured to allow you to originate client batches. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

When searching client batches using GET ach/v1/client-batches using to and from filters, why do the results contain batches outside of the filters used?
Although this endpoint displays in our Swagger docs, its intended purpose is only for use by users accessing the COS Explorer portal. The to and from filters ignore any time included in your request. If the format of the to and from dates are incorrect then it will default to the last 24 hours.

Why isn't COS accepting a receiver routing number?
All ACH routing numbers (also known as ABA routing numbers) are created using a check digit algorithm. You can use the Federal Reserve's FedACH Participant RDFIs tool to determine whether or not a routing number is valid.

What is the ACH routing number for my COS account?
The ACH routing number for COS is 021214891.

I originated an outbound payment but the receiver is still waiting to receive the payment. How do I track the payment?
If you originated a payment and the receiver claims they have not received it, you can provide the receiver with the traceNumber included in the ACH payment details. They can contact their bank and reference the traceNumber to locate the payment.