Release Notes - 9.24.2019


Added new transaction codes for posting returned payments: "Incoming ACH Return" and "Outgoing ACH Return". This will make it easier to differentiate the type of ACH payment being posted to core account activity.
Adjusted statement description returned payments to include original payment date.
Added payment direction, type and reason code to core transaction flags when posting the payment. Flags field on core account activity will now include this data for easier cross referencing and better context into the payment the posting relates to.
Fixed bug where Phone Confirmation hold was listed as Internal Review hold instead.


Added an API endpoint to search account settlement snapshots
Added Deposit/Withdrawal totals to account snapshots
Introduced limits on the number of sub-entities (address, phone, email, identification) a customer can have.
Changed statement APYE not to include interest posted same day as statement generated.
Add ability to search accounts and customers by date
Fixed minor bug with creating memo posts manually


Updated reversals to handle originator OptF format
Fixed issue where service messages had invalid amounts for type code.