Release Notes - 6.28.2020


Added file support for bulk origination, returns and acknowledgements.
Added ability to fund multiple outbound payments using one aggregate posting.
Added ability to bulk cancel payments within a client batch.
Clients batches can now be configured to post payments individually or aggregate.


Added new customer tax ID type 'Foreign' for non resident aliens with foreign tax ID numbers.
Changed GET statement document by ID endpoint Swagger response type from StatementDocumentInfo to byte to indicate a byte array will be returned.
Disabled interest accrual for accounts in 'ChargeOff' status.
Added restrictionType field to Restrictions. Type 'Internal' indicates an internal operations team member added the restriction and a partner user cannot modify it.
Interest can now be enabled on products which previously launched without interest enabled.

Debit Cards

Added API endpoint to get card CVV2 code.
Expiration date added to card details.
Added API endpoint get get card details by PAN.
Removed requirement for email address on create card and change profile requests.


Added new field on registrations called 'Format'. When set to 'Extended' additional meta data will be included with the webhook event details.
Minor fix to create registration validation logic.


Added support for international USD to USD wires.
Fixed issue where beneficiaryReference field was incorrectly set to allow 35 characters. Now limit is correctly set to 16 characters (in accordance to FedWire spec).
Fixed issue where lines 8-12 were not populated on service message wires.


Added support for inter-core transfers between COS and Cross River's legacy core system. This allows for money to be transferred between accounts in the two core systems.
Removed participants directory API endpoints.
Removed support for auto-approve pull payments.