Release Notes - 5.20.2019


  • fixed: [ACH] Fixed Settlement Date Bug
  • added: [ACH] Added filter by AccountNumber to Payment Search
  • added: [ACH] Added support for stop payments by company ID and routing number
  • fixed: [ACH] Fixed payment search bug isolated to partner users
  • improved: [Wires] Improved handling of CTP Originator Option F fields
  • improved: [Wires] Removed beneficiary FI fields on non-US wire reversals to prevent FRB holds
  • improved: [Wires] Removed originator to beneficiary fields on service messages. Not supported by FRB configuration.
  • fixed: [Core] Fixed bug related to memo posts
  • improved: [Core] Improved support for stop payments to handle ACH rail
  • improved: [Core] Master account search now includes customer relationships when searching by customer ID