Webhooks overview

Arix uses webhooks to update you on the status of your loan, via API calls. Webhooks report to your system with real-time notifications when an event happens. You have to register your URL to receive a webhook for each relevant event status report. When that event occurs, a webhook is triggered and reports the updates to your system.


After the partner submits George's complete loan documents to Arix, the loan passes to the status, DocsComplete. That triggers a webhook event which is reported to the partner notifying them of the event.


Webhook report failure

After a webhook is reported the first time, the endpoint doesn't check that it was successfully received, nor does it retry for failures.

For information on registering for and viewing webhooks, see Register for webhook events and View webhook events and updates.

Webhook API calls




Returns the events available to subscribe to such as:

  • FundingAttemptComplete
  • LoanStatusUpdated
  • RailUpdated
  • ComplianceFailed


Registers a URL to an event with these parameters:

  • EventName (choose from GetEvents)
  • callback URL (the address to receive the webhook)


Returns a list of webhook events you are registered to.

  • RegistrationId
  • MPLId
  • EventName
  • CallbackURL


Unregisters a URL from an event. To unregister from a webhook, use RegistrationId. See View registered webhook events to find the ID.

Sample webhook responses


  "EventName": "LoanStatusUpdated",
  "EventData": {
     "Id": 0,
     "LoanId": "5f1a5e2b-52be-4766-8d7b-aa8d005ecce1",
     "Status": 1,
     "TimeStamp": "2019-07-17T01:45:09.5144036"


  "EventName": "FundingAttemptComplete",
  "EventData": {
     "Id": 0,
     "LoanId": "28f1388f-8110-4c49-8f5d-aa99010c0575",
     "Time": "2019-07-29T13:44:31.3305937",
     "TransactionGroupId": "77dd9024-8889-4ea9-8424-752d8a37f9b4",
     "FundingResult": 0,
     "AmountFunded": 6748


Note: Arix checks for duplicated loan numbers within the past 24 hours. If a partner sends a loan with a previously existing loan number, Arix moves the loan to ‘ComplianceLoanFailed’. At that stage, the partner can verify whether to approve or reject the loan.

  "EventName": "ComplianceLoanFailed",
  "EventData": {
     "MPLId": "xxx",
     "LoanId": "...guid...",
     "CreateDate": "date",
     "FailedRulesReasons": [
           "RuleName": "rule name",
           "Rule": "some string",
           "Data": "some string",
           "Result": true,
           "FailedComplianceID": 67


      "RailId":"…ID of rail that is received when rail created…",
      "RailTransactionId":"…railid from cos…",
      "FundResult": int(this is enum RailResultType), 
      "Message":"Description of rail created if no error returned",

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