Hook Notifications

Hooks is a notification system, used by Arix, to update you on the status of your loan. Hooks report to your system with real-time notifications when an event happens on Arix. You have to register to receive hooks for each relevant event type by configuring the destination and delivery method, most commonly webhooks. When that event occurs, a Hook is triggered and reports the updates to your system via the chosen delivery method.

For example, if a rail status changes to returned, a RailUpdated hook event would be triggered, and reported to the partner notifying them of the event. This notification will only be sent out, if you have previously registered to receive this type of event (RailUpdated), and the registration is active.


Webhook report failure

By default, a webhook that fails will retry 3 times with a delay interval of 5 minutes. Different Intervals can be configured for a registration by the CRB support team.
Events can also be sent out again manually, if necessary, via an API request.

Swagger - https://lendingsandbox.crbcos.com/hooks/swagger/index.html
Scope - CosLending:Hooks:stg for sandbox, CosLending:Hooks:prd for production

Sample Events

This event is reported every time the status of a loan is changed.

    "Id": 0,
    "LoanId": "3f07773b-5ba5-43e6-bf30-aea200361dad",
    "Status": 104,
    "TimeStamp": "2022-05-30T03:17:43.6233616+00:00",
    "DateInserted": "0001-01-01T00:00:00+00:00"

This event is reported every time the loan fails to pass all compliance checks.

     "MPLId": "xxx",
     "LoanId": "...guid...",
     "CreateDate": "date",
     "FailedRulesReasons": [
           "RuleName": "rule name",
           "Rule": "some string",
           "Data": "some string",
           "Result": true,
           "FailedComplianceID": 67

This event is reported when there is a status update to a rail that was requested

      "RailId":"…ID of rail that is received when rail created…",
      "RailTransactionId":"…railid from cos…",
      "FundResult": int(this is enum RailResultType), 
      "Message":"Description of rail created if no error returned",