Unregister hook events

DELETE /Hooks/v2/Registrations

Request URL
https:// .../Hooks/v2/Registrations

Use this call to unregister any hook event you are registered to.

Sample request in cURL - DEL /Hooks/v2/Registrations

curl --location --request DELETE 'https://lendingsandbox.crbcos.com/Hooks/v2/Registrations?id=eb62ffbd-7ed4-4146-be48-7f2a46551c0e' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer ew0KICAiYWxnIjogIl**********' \
--header 'Cookie: ss-opt=temp; ss-id=QVhFixRMpD92y7HQ7b74; ss-pid=De9QBzZCTdhmCdDFuftm'

Required query parameter

Parameter nameParameter typeData typeDescription
idquerylongThe registration ID of hook registration to remove.

Sample response in JSON - DEL /Hooks/v2/Registrations

There is no response in the image below because the hook registration was deleted successfully.


Delete hook notification, via Postman

You can use the Arix test collection in Postman to practice unregistering from an event:

  1. In the Postman collection, Delete Registration click the tab, Params.
  2. In the KEY field, enter id .
  3. In the VALUE field, enter the registration ID number that you received when you registered to the event. See View registered webhook events.
  4. Click Send.