RTP parameters

You can use the RTP rail in Arix for Real-Time Payments directly to the account of a borrower, vendor, or creditor.

RTP is a way for MPLs to send immediate fund transfers at any time of the day, including weekends and holidays. Payments are settled between parties within seconds over the RTP® network, which is developed and managed by The Clearing House(TCH).



All transactions occur in real-time and the payments are irrevocable.

RTP Directory

Although more than 65% of U.S. bank account holders are eligible to receive RTP funds disbursements, some are not. In order to avoid unnecessary charges, we recommend that our partners use the CRB RTP directory API to see which financial institutions can receive RTP credit transfers (CRDT). It's important to note, that even if the financial institution can receive RTP transfers, it does not guarantee that the receiver's account is eligible.


Credentials for Directory

To use the RTP directory, you will need credentials for COS. These are separate credentials from the Arix API credentials. Contact your Relationship Manager if you need more information.

Request Body Example


Request parameters

Receiving bank's routing number.
The value entered for this field is validated up front and it must be 9 digits long.
Name on the subject account.
Limited to 22 characters.
Account number of the subject account.
Limited to 17 digits.

RTP Payment Queueing for Offline Participants

Although RTP participating banks have an SLA of 99.9% uptime, from time to time, a receiving bank will be unavailable to transact. This can be due to routine maintenance or unknown technical issues that are resolvable with time.
CRB will queue the payment until the receiving bank becomes responsive or for up to 3 days. The RTP rail will be rejected if the payment hasn't been completed within 3 days.
If you'd like to cancel the rail before that, our operations team can cancel the payment for you.