RPPS parameters

You can use the RPPS rail in Arix to electronically transfer funds to pay loan proceeds directly to billers. Borrowers who select to use this rail, can have funds sent directly to billers to pay down their outstanding bills, most typically used to pay down outstanding credit card bills.

The rail uses Mastercard's RPPS rail system. Arix sends an API call to the CRB RPPS gateway, which in turn sends a request to Mastercard to transfer funds. Mastercard then sends a credit to the biller.

RPPS requests are batched daily by the CRB RPPS gateway when the system sends the batched requests to Mastercard for processing.



The borrower's credit card doesn't have to be a Mastercard. It can be any card issued by a biller that signed up to receive bill payments via the RPPS service.

    "Rails": [
           "RailType": "RPPS",
           "Priority": 1,
           "Amount": 900,
           "RPPSFields": {
             "BillerID": "1234567890",
             "BillerName": "Anita Loan",
             "ConsumerNameAtBiller": "TestNameAtBiller",
             "ConsumerAccountNumberAtBiller": "5454546498195454"

Request parameters

The 10 character ID number of the credit card issuer (biller).
If length(BillerID) < 10, you can pad with zeroes. Example: 0000012345
The borrower's cardholder name on the credit card account.
The borrower's credit card account number on the biller's credit card.
The name of the credit card company that is making the disbursement.

Biller Directory

There are 2 ways to do directory lookup:

  1. CRB can deliver a daily CSV of the RPPS biller directory into your SFTP folder.
  2. MC RPPS biller validator API https://developer.mastercard.com/product/bill-payment-validator/. Cross River can set up credentials for you.

RPPS Sandbox simulation

You can simulate rails in the sandbox. The table indicates the responses that you should receive for the transaction amounts listed.

Up to $3Result is submitted
Above $3 to $4Result is rejected
Above $4 to $5Result is approved
After 30 seconds it becomes returned
Above $5Result is approved

PCI compliance

Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards ensure that sensitive credit card information is protected from fraudulent use. Arix processing complies with PCI standards.

When an RPPS transaction is initiated, Arix receives a request that includes the borrower's credit card number. This number is sent to a tokenization service that is Level 1 PCI-compliant. They send a token back to Arix, which stores the token.

When processing the RPPS batch, Arix calls to detokenize all the credit card numbers, and sends the credit card numbers in a file to Mastercard.

Arix logs contain only masked credit card numbers.