RPPS transaction reversals

When requesting a reversal of an RPPS transaction, follow this process:

  1. Check whether the biller allows reversal using the reqAdndaRevm tag that you can find in the XML biller directory.
  2. If the biller allows reversal, then send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] as follows:
  • Content:
    • Biller ID
    • Account with biller (first 6 digits & last 4 digits)
    • Name on account
    • Reversal amount


Sending Reversals
In accordance with Mastercard RPPS Rules and Obligations, the following rules pertain to sending reversals: Participant may send a reversal transaction to a Biller that accepts reversals within five Mastercard Remote Payment and Presentment Service® (RPPS) processing days of the payment that was previously sent. Participant may initiate a reversal only for actual payment transactions previously sent from the Participant to the Biller through the Mastercard Remote Payment and Presentment Service® (RPPS) network. Participant shall indemnify the affected Participant and Mastercard Remote Payment and Presentment Service® (RPPS) from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, or expenses, including attorney fees and costs that result directly or indirectly from the debiting or crediting of the reversal transaction.
Participant shall notify the Receiver prior to submitting a reversal transaction and advise them of the reason for such reversal prior to submitting reversals.

RPPS Credit and Debit Cap Management
Debit caps limit the daily amount of reversals that a Concentrator/Biller will accept from an Originator. For example, a concentrator/biller may only reverse $2500 per day even if the original payment was $10,000. These caps minimize risk to Mastercard and the RPPS settlement banks by containing exposure
with respect to daily settlement positions. Debit caps limit the daily debit amount an Originator may send to a Receiver to reverse payments.

Good Faith Request
Good Faith requests are for items that have expired for reversals past the five day time frame or for billers who accept reversals more than the daily debit cap as set by the biller/concentrator. Ops will contact the biller to make a sincere request to repay the transaction's proceeds. When processing reversals, many institutions adhere to their own internal procedure. Reversals may take six months or longer to recover, though this is not always the case. Submitting good faith request returns are not guaranteed as the decision solely lies on the receiving institution. To submit a good faith request – send an email to [email protected] with the name, amount and disbursement date.

RPPS requests are batched daily by the CRB RPPS gateway when the system sends the batched requests to Mastercard for processing. If duplicate transactions are detected at Mastercard, the system automatically rejects the duplications.