Loan seasoning period

Every loan that is funded undergoes loan seasoning. The loan seasoning period typically occurs on business days 2 or 3.

During this time funds are accepted by the receiving party. In some cases, funds are returned and the rails have to be resent.

Note: Every time funds are (initially) sent or resent, a new loan seasoning period starts. Loan seasoning terms and the loan season period are agreed upon by CRB and the partner. Arix is set for a default seasoning period of 3 business days.

Seasoning period ended and the loan successfully funded

At the end of seasoning period when receipt of the funds has been confirmed, the loan is ready to be sold.
Status: ReadyToSell


Loan is in seasoning, some rails are returned and the loan keeps trying to fund

  • If some of the rails are returned during the seasoning period, the loan status changes to reflect that the loan is not fully funded.
    Status: NotFullyFunded
  • Arix prompts you to resubmit funding information. Use PUT /Loan/{Id}/FundingInfo to update the loan funding info.
  • The system waits for the loan to enter the Funded status again.
  • The seasoning period restarts.

Seasoning period ends and rails are returned

If all rails are returned during this seasoning period, the loan status changes.
Status: Returned