Document submission for loans

In this scenario, Arix received the loan request, but the loan can't be funded due to an incomplete document set.

  • Partner sends a loan application to the preapproval API.
  • If approved, partner posts the loan details to Arix.
  • Arix assigns a GUID to the loan.
    Status: Received
  • Partner sends the loan documents to CRB.
  • Arix automatically checks that the documents constitute a complete set.



If all required documents are not sent, the status of the loan remains Received until the documents are complete. No webhook is sent to notify that docs are incomplete.

Status: Received

  • When the document set is complete, the status changes.
    Status: Docs Complete
  • Arix automatically performs the required compliance checks.
    Status: Passed Compliance
  • Arix automatically approves the loan.
    Status: Approved
  • Arix passes the loan through to funding.
    Status: InFunding
  • Arix funds the loan.
    Status: Funded

Detailed steps for a loan with documentation failures

Partner actions:

  1. Send CRB a signed loan agreement.
    Arix assigns a GUID to the loan and marks it Received.
  2. When the loan is marked Received, send all the required loan documents to Arix.
  3. If the loan remains in Received, resubmit the missing or corrected documents to Arix. You can see what was sent and what is required by calling Get loan details.

Arix actions:

  1. Arix automatically checks that the documents constitute a complete set.
    (An agreed upon documentation set is established at the beginning of your relationship with CRB.)
    Make sure to check that the documents are complete. If they aren't complete, Arix keeps the loan in the Received state.
  2. When the required documents are received, Arix marks the loan as Docs Complete.
  3. Arix automatically runs the compliance rules.
  4. When the loan passes compliance, Arix marks the loan as Passed Compliance.
  5. The loan is then automatically moved into Approved.
  6. The loan is funded.

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