Supporting loan documents

The documents listed below are acceptable to support the loan process.

The file-name format of the attached documents is checked by a regex to verify that we received the required documents in the correct file-name format. If we either didn't receive the required documents or they weren't named properly, the loan will remain in Received status, instead of moving into DocsComplete status.

The file-name convention format should be as follows:
{ArixLoanGUID}-{Suffix}.{File Extension}

For example:
The credit report pdf for loan c5d3412a-f373-467b-b10f-7200e5e7582d
Should be named: c5d3412a-f373-467b-b10f-7200e5e7582d-CR.pdf

For more information about adding loan documents, click here.



We prefer that you send documents by XML or JSON. If necessary, you can send PDF documents. However, the file-name format must be agreed during your onboarding process.

Identification documents

Court approved name change-NameChangeCert
Credit card
As secondary form of ID
Credit report-CR
Debit card
As secondary form of ID
Drivers license-DL
Insurance card-InsuranceCard
Marriage Certificate-MarriageCert
Military ID-MilitaryID
Miscellaneous ID documents-MID
Permanent resident card-RC
Proof of Address
jpeg, jpg, png or pdf provided as POA
Rental Lease Agreement-LeaseAgreement
Used to verify the ID
Social Security card
As secondary form of ID
State Issued ID-SID
Utility Bill-UtilityBill
Work Visa-WorkVisa

Credit documents

Bankruptcy Watch-BankruptcyWatch
Credit report-CR
Credit report (hard pull)-CR_HP
Credit report (soft pull)-CR-SP
Credit report (MLA)-MLA
Pagaya credit model-CRM_PGY
Underwriting Checklist-UWChecklist

Loan documents and disclosures

Credit Score Disclosure Notice-CreditScoreDisclosure
Loan Agreement-LA
(contains Truth in Lending agreement and Promissory Note)
Loan Application-LApp
Miscellaneous loan documents-MiscLoanDocs
Preauthorized Transfer-PreAuthTrn
(for customer facing authorization requests)
Promissory note-PN
Truth in Lending agreement-TL

Income-verification documents

Additional pay stub-PayStubAdditional
Bank statement-BS
Bank transaction history-BankTransactionHistory
Credit card balances-CreditCardBalances
Credit card statement-CreditCardStatement
Form 1099-MI
Customer's payment history-CustomerPaymentsHistory
Form W2-W2
Pay stub-PS
Pension/retirement benefit statement-RS
Plaid Assets-PlaidAssets
Plaid Income Verification-PlaidIncome
Point Predictive Income Validation-PointPredictiveIncome
Previous pay stub-PayStubPrevious
Social Security Award letter (SSA)-SS
Tax lien release-TaxLienRelease
Tax return-TR
Various income verification documents-IV

Other documents for verification

Call Center call log-CallLog
Carta Borrower Stock Ownership-CartaBorrowerStockOwnership
Carta Secured Collateral-CartaSecuredCollateral
Education-related document-ED
Voided check-VC

Trusted 3rd-party documents

Alloy Identity Decisioning Platform-ALY
Bureau Van Dyke - Review-BVDReview
Cognito Identity Verification and Watchlist Screening-CGNTIDWS
Comply Advantage-CmplyAdvt
DecisionLogic Income Verification-DcsnLgcIV
Ekata Account Opening-EkataAccount
Equifax eID-EID
Experian PreciseID-PID
GBG PLC Identity Data Verification-GBGDataVerification
GIACT gAuthenticate-GAuth
GIACT gIdentity-GI
GIACT gVerify-GV
Inscribe fraud document detection-Inscribe
LexisNexis Emailage-LNEmail
LexisNexis Fraud Intelligence-LNFraudIntel
LexisNexis FraudPoint-LNF
LexisNexis InstantID-LNI
LexisNexis OFAC-LNO
LexisNexis Small Business Credit Report with SBFE Data-LNSmallBusinessCRSBFE
Middesk Verification-MiddeskVerification
Onfido Facial Similarity-OFS
Persona Verifications-Persona
Pinwheel Employment Verification-PEV
Plaid Auth Bank Accounts-PlaidAuth
Prove Trust Score-ProveTrustScore
SentiLink eCSBV service-eCBSV
SentiLink Synthetic -
Thomson Reuters Clear ID-TRCID
TransUnion TLO-TLO
TransUnion IDVision-IDV
TransUnion TruValidate-TVAL