Supporting loan documents

The documents below are acceptable as identification to support the loan process.

If you send in a loan with attachments and the loan remains in the status Received, instead of moving into the status DocsComplete, check the naming format.

The naming format of the attached documents is checked by a regex to verify that we received the required documents in the correct naming format. If we didn't receive the required documents or they weren't named properly, the loan will stay in Received.

The naming convention format of a document should be as follows:
{ArixLoanGUID}-{Suffix}.{File Extension}

For example:
The credit report pdf for loan:
c5d3412a-f373-467b-b10f-7200e5e7582d should be named c5d3412a-f373-467b-b10f-7200e5e7582d-CR.pdf

For more information about adding loan documents, click here.



We prefer that you send documents by XML or JSON. If necessary, you can send documents by PDF. The format needs to be agreed upon during the integration process.

Identification documents

Document type

Naming convention suffix

Credit report


Drivers license




Permanent resident card


Work Visa


Debit card
As secondary form of ID


Credit card
As secondary form of ID


Social Security card
As secondary form of ID


Used to verify the ID


State Issued ID


Proof of Address
jpeg, jpg, png or pdf provided as POA


Rental Lease Agreement


Miscellaneous ID documents


Credit documents

Document type

Naming convention suffix

Credit report


Credit report (soft pull)


Credit report (hard pull)


Pagaya credit model


Loan documents and disclosures

Document type

Naming convention suffix

Promissory note


Truth in Lending agreement


Loan Agreement

(contains Truth in Lending agreement and Promissory Note)

Loan Application


Preauthorized Transfer

(for customer facing authorization requests)

Credit Score Disclosure Notice


Miscellaneous loan documents


Income verification documents

Document type

Naming convention suffix

Pay stub


Additional pay stub


Previous pay stub


Tax return


Tax lien release


Form W2


Social Security Award letter (SSA)


Pension/retirement benefit statement


Bank statement


Bank transaction history


Credit card statement


Credit card balances


Form 1099


Various income verification documents


Other documents for verification

Document type

Naming convention suffix

Voided check


Education-related document


Call Center Call log


Trusted 3rd party documents

Document type

Naming convention suffix



LexisNexis FraudPoint


LexisNexis InstantID


LexisNexis OFAC


LexisNexis Emailage




Equifax eID


TransUnion TLO


TransUnion IDVision


TransUnion TruValidate


Experian PreciseID




GIACT gVerify


GIACT gIdentity


GIACT gAuthenticate






Thomson Reuters Clear ID


Alloy Identity Decisioning Platform


Onfido Facial Similarity


SentiLink Synthetic -


Cognito Identity Verification and Watchlist Screening


Bureau Van Dyke - Review


Pinwheel Employment Verification


DecisionLogic Income Verification


Comply Advantage


SentiLink eCSBV service


Ekata Account Opening


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