These enums communicate the status of a loan.

EnumEnum numberDescription
Received1Arix received a new loan application.
Send attachments as the next step in the process.
DocsComplete2All required documents were received.
PassedCompliance3Loan successfully passed compliance.
Approved4Loan was approved for funding.
InFunding5At least 1 rail was submitted for funding.
Funded6Full loan amount was funded.
AccountingEntriesComplete7An internal CRB process. Confirms that account entries are complete.
ReadyToSell8Loan finished the seasoning period and is ready to be sold.
Sold9Loan was sold (not in use).
Sale info is on the post-purchase report in SFTP.
Settled10Loan was paid back by end user (not in use).
AwaitingFunding11All compliance rules were passed and the system is waiting for the funding information. Once in this status, only a Put /FundingInfo will get the loan funded.
InReverse80A return/cancel has been requested, and the funding is being returned to the originating account.
AccountingEntriesReversed90Internal status.
Loan was cancelled or fully returned and accounting entries were reversed.
Cancelled100Issuing bank cancelled the loan. Terminal State.
ComplianceFailed101Loan failed the compliance check.
Rejected102Issuing bank didn't approve - possible only prior to funding. Terminal State.
Returned103All rails that were successfully funded came back as returned.
NotFullyFunded104Funding was attempted, but a balance remains to be funded.

FundingResult enums

These enums communicate the results of a funding attempt.

EnumEnum numberDescription
Success0All funded.
PartialFailure1Some funds were sent successfully, but some failed.
FundingFailed2Funding failed and nothing was funded.

RailResultType enums

These enums communicate the results of a rail transaction as part of the funding attempt.

EnumEnum numberDescription
NotAttempted0Rail wasn't attempted.
Requested1API call was successful and the funds are pending transmission.
Success2Full requested amount has been funded and released on the rail.
Note: There is lag time between the time an ACH is sent and when it is received (by the receiving bank), usually 1 business day (unless it was sent as a same-day ACH).
CRB considers the rail a success if and until we receive a notice from the receiving bank that the rail failed. At that time, the status of the rail changes from Success to Returned.
RequestFailure3The request to fund failed immediately upon request (usually due to a mistake in the API instructions.)
Rejected4The rail was rejected.
Returned5The rail that was sent and marked as success was returned.
Skipped6A rail was skipped. No need to reattempt the funding.
ValidationFail7The rail failed because it couldn't be validated.
CosAchPaymentRejected8Arix received a notification that a specific ACH rail was rejected.
(Internal Ops)
CosAchPaymentCanceled9CRB Ops cancelled the ACH payment.
(Internal Ops)
CosAchNocReceived10A Notice of Change (NOC) was received. Relevant for recurrent disbursements.
(Internal Ops)
Contact customer for updated instructions.
CosAchHoldEscalated11CRB Ops put the ACH transaction on hold.
(Internal Ops)
CosCoreTransactionCompleted12COS Core (part of XPay) transaction was completed successfully.
(Internal Ops)
CosCoreTransactionRejected13COS Core (part of XPay) transaction was unable to complete.
(Internal Ops)
CosXPaymentRecieved15Inbound payment request has been received and is awaiting approval.
(Internal Ops)
CosXPaymentCanceled16Payment canceled at the sender's request or has expired.
(Internal Ops)
CosXPaymentRejected17Payment was rejected by the receiver.
(Internal Ops)
CosXPaymentFailed18Payment failed to post to either the sender or receiver's account. Most commonly due to insufficient funds.
(Internal Ops)
CosXPaymentCompleted19Payment has been posted to both the sender and receiver's accounts.
(Internal Ops)
CosCoreTransactionCompletedReverse20COS Core (part of XPay) reversal transaction has been completed.
(Internal Ops)
CosXPaymentRejectedReverse24COS XPay requested reversal hasn't been approved.
(Internal Ops)
CosXPaymentFailedReverse25COS XPay requested reversal was unable to be reversed.
(Internal Ops)
CosXPaymentCanceledReverse26COS XPay reversal was canceled.
(Internal Ops)
CheckCashed27Check was cashed.
CheckPrinted28Check was printed.
DigitalCheckPrinted29A digital check was printed.
CheckMailed30The check was mailed.
Failed31The check wasn't able to be cashed.

RailType enums

These enums communicate the type of rail used to make the transactions.

EnumEnum numberDescription
NF7No funding.
COSACH8Next day funding via ACH.
COSACHSD9Same day funding via ACH.
COSXPay10Internal transfer between CRB accounts.
AdjustmentAction20Adjustments to a loan after it was funded
Check30Physical check.
RTP40Real Time Payments

RPPS enums

RPPS uses enums to return funding attempt results.

Enum nameEnum numberDescription
Received1The funding attempt was received by RPPS.
Submitted2The funding attempt was submitted by RPPS.
Pending3The funding attempt is pending.
Approved4The funding attempt was approved by RPPS.
Rejected5The funding attempt was rejected by RPPS.
Failed6The funding attempt failed in RPPS.
Returned7The rail was returned by RPPS.