Cancel a loan

Use this call to cancel a loan by using its ID.

PUT /Loan/{{loanId}}/Cancel

If you want to cancel a loan the amount funded has to be zero, amountfunded = 0. If any of the rails have funded, it can no longer be canceled via API, until all rails have been returned.



Once a loan is canceled, it stays forever cancelled and cannot be changed. Loans that were canceled, can continue to write status updates, but they won’t change the loan.

Confirmation of the cancellation is received when you receive a LoanStatusUpdated webhook, with the status 100 (canceled).

Request URL
https:// ... /Loan/{{loanId}}/Cancel

A body should not be submitted with this API call.

Loan statuses in which the Cancel API can be called successfully.

Loan StatusCondition needed in order to call Cancel API
InFundingamountfunded = 0 AND The only rail requested is ACH/ACHSD. (This will cancel the ACH request)
NotFullyFundedamountfunded = 0
FundedShould not call the API
ReadyToSellShould not call the API
Sold (Not shown in Arix)Should not call the API .