Loan APIs

Arix includes a robust set of API calls to allow you to create, update, and manage your loans.

You can use cURL from the command line or a service such as Postman in our sandbox to test the API calls. We added images from Postman to demonstrate API requests and responses.

Where to start

Go to Arix authentication to begin.

Request URL
https:// ... /api/Loan

API reference documentation

Click on each of the links for API reference documentation. These calls create loans and update loan information.

Create a loan POST /Loan

Add loan documents POST /Loan/{Id}/Attachments

Update loan funding info PUT /Loan/{Id}/FundingInfo

Update a loan by ID PUT /Loan/{Id}

Get loan details by ID GET /LoanDetail/{Id}

Cancel a loan PUT /Loan/{{loanId}}/Cancel


The Swagger documentation site is protected by a firewall. Make sure your IP addresses are on the CRB allowlist so you can access the Arix sandbox.