Response and error codes

HTTP response codes

Arix uses standard HTTP response codes to communicate the result of a request.

HTTP CodeDescription
200 seriesSuccess.
We successfully received your loan request. Arix will now validate the compliance rules set up for your program.
400There is something wrong with the data in your request, or the request cannot be processed.
401There is an issue with your API access token.
403Your token is good, but you don't have permission to do what is being requested.
404The resource specified doesn't exist.
500Technical difficulties on our end. For more information, see Potential Issues (500 Series Error).


If something goes wrong with a call, we return a clear error object in the response.

    "ResponseStatus": {
        "ErrorCode": "ArgumentException",
        "Message": "Field LoanType is required. Value entered: . ",
        "Errors": []