Add loan documents

Use this call to:

  • Post loan documents
  • Add loan documents upon Cross River request

POST /Loan/{loanId}/Attachments

Request URL
https:// ... /Loan/{Id}/Attachments

To support the loan approval process, send Arix a complete document package as one zip file. The package must include a signed loan agreement, a credit report, and other required documents as per your credit and underwriting policy, and your AML/BSA processes. To view the list of acceptable attachments, see Supporting loan documents.



The status of a loan remains Received until all the required documents are received by Arix. No webhook is sent to report that docs are incomplete.

To add attachments:

  1. Zip all the relevant documents.
  2. Name the file with the {Arix GUID}.zip
  3. POST the documents.

Click here for information on the funding flow.

Naming convention

The naming convention requires that the end of a file name (before the file extension), ends with a dash (-) followed by a document-type code. Click here for the codes.

- Loan agreement {JoesCreditReport}-LA.pdf
- Social Security card {JoesCreditReport}-SC.pdf

Notes for the zip files

  • You can send multiple zip files
  • Attachment size is set at 120 MB
  • Files within the zip folder have to follow a naming convention (as shown above)

Sample request and response - POST /Loan/{Id}/Attachments


Required parameters

Id GUIDPathUnique identifier of the loan.
File fileformDataZip file.
  • For multiple types of any single document listed above, add the numerical value to the name.
    Example: For multiple paystubs (PS): 179317-PS1 and 179317-PS2

  • You can submit an additional 99 files as needed for underwriting, by following the convention, F1 - F99.

  • If you want to submit an --F3 file, notify CRB ahead of time so we can identify F3 as a security video.

Returned attributes

This table displays information on the documents received for the loan.

ID of the MPL.
Unique identifier for a loan.
FilePathPath for retrieving the document. Special permissions needed.
FileNameName of the file sent.
DateDate the file was received.
FileOverwrittenIf the original file was overwritten by another file, then the value will be 1.
ID of the issuing bank.


Loan stuck in the status Received

A loan stays in Received for these reasons:

  • The file wasn't named correctly based on regex verification
  • Some or all required documents weren't received
  • There was a problem unzipping the files. If a file is corrupt, Arix won't be able to unzip it. Fix it and resend a POST with the attachments.

Confirming document status

To confirm the document status for a loan, call GET LoanDetail and use these collections:

  • RequiredDocs - to see which documents are required for a loan and if they were received.
  • Attachments - to see which documents were received by Arix

Adding loan documents

You can add documents if a loan is in one of the statuses below. If a document is sent after the loan is funded, Arix will store it, but it won't parse it or run it through compliance.