Arix V2.02-2

Release date: August 16, 2020

Release V2.02-2 delivers several bug fixes, infrastructure updates, and the new features listed below.

Loan Adjustment Actions

MPLs will be able to update Arix when a borrower makes a prepayment before a loan is moved to the loan servicer. Additional adjustments will be added in the future.

UpdateFundingInfoReq {

FundingInfoUpdate (FundingInfoUpdateDTO)


FundingInfoUpdateDTO {

Rails (Array[RailTransaction], optional)


RailTransaction {

ACHFields (ACHFields, optional),

AdjustmentActionFields (AdjustmentActionFields, optional),

MCFields (MCFields, optional),

RPPSFields (RPPSFields, optional),

XPayFields (XPayFields, optional),

RailType (string): RPPS, COSACH, COSACHSD, COSXPay, AdjustmentAction ,

Priority (integer): Order in which to process rails, starting from 1. ,

Amount (number, optional): Amount to process on this rail. Omission will attempt to process full balance. ,

IsFailed (boolean, optional),

LoanType (string, optional)


ACHFields {

StandardEntryClassCode (string, optional),

TransactionType (string, optional),

ToRoutingNumber (string),

ToAccountType (string, optional): checking or savings ,

ToAccountName (string),

ToAccountNumber (string),

Description (string): Min length 1, Max length 10, must be a constant value such as “Loan” or “Payment”


AdjustmentActionFields {

AdjustmentActionType (string),

ActionAmount (number),

Description (string): Min length 1 character, Max length 30 characters,

AdjustedLoanAmount (number, optional): Adjusted Loan Amount(if applicable) ,

AdjustedNetFunding (number, optional): Adjusted Net Funding(if applicable) ,

AdjustedOriginationFee (number, optional): Adjusted Origination Fee(if applicable) ,

AdjustedCurrentMonthlyPayment (number, optional): Adjusted Regular Payment amount(if applicable) ,

AdjustedMerchantFee (number, optional): Adjusted Merchant Fee(if applicable) ,

AdjustedFinalPaymentDate (string, optional): Date of last regular payment(if applicable) ,

AdjustedFinalPayment (number, optional): Amount of final payment(if applicable) ,

AdjustedFinanceCharge (number, optional): Finance charge paid by borrower(if applicable) ,

AdjustedTotalPayments (number, optional): Total paid by borrower after all payments are made(if applicable) ,

AdjustedAPR (number, optional): Adjusted Annual percentage rate. (if applicable)


RPPSFields {

BillerID (string, optional),

BillerName (string, optional),

ConsumerNameAtBiller (string, optional),

ConsumerAccountNumberAtBiller (string, optional)


XPayFields {

ToAccountName (string, optional),

ToAccountNumber (string),

Description (string): Min length 1, Max length 30