Arix V2.01

Release date: February 2, 2020

Duplicate check

When a partner sends a loan that has the same loan number as another loan (a duplicate of a previous loan), Arix moves the loan to compliance-failed status. This allows the CRB Operations team to contact the partner to find out whether they should approve or reject the loan. By default, Arix checks duplicate loan numbers in the previous 24 hours.

Loan Tape - Custom Field

Partners will be able to add a “blob ” (Binary Large OBject) to the Loan Tape request. Fields 1-20 are of varchar8000 type and Field21 is of blob type.

New Rail: COS XPay

XPay stands for cross-partner payments. Partners will be able to pay borrowers that bank with Cross River Bank (CRB) in real time. CRB's ABA routing code is 021214891.

Improved ACH Return handling

When an ACH Notification of Change is reported to CRB from NACHA, Arix will pass the information on to the partner.